Bob Bendetson is an American television writer and producer. He has written for a number of TV series, including ALF and Home Improvement.

On The Simpsons, Bendetson has written two episodes: "Simpsons Tall Tales" and "Blame It on Lisa".

He has a wife and two children.



  • 2008 Big Bug Man (film) (writer) (director)
  • 2001-2002 The Simpsons (TV, 2 episodes) (writer)
  • 1997 Teen Angel (TV) (co-executive producer)
  • 1996 Bunk Bed Brothers (TV) (writer)
  • 1991, 1993-1999 Home Improvement (TV) (executive producer, 144 episodes) (writer)
  • 1989, 1992 Coach (TV, 1 episode) (supervising producer) (writer)
  • 1988 Newhart (TV, 1 episode) (writer)
  • 1988 Mutts (TV) (producer) (writer)
  • 1986-1987 ALF (TV) (writer, 8 episodes) (executive story editor, 24 episodes) (co-producer, 1 episode) (actor, 1 episode)
  • 1985 What's Happening Now!! (TV, 1 episode) (writer)
  • 1984 Alice (TV, 1 episode) (writer)
  • 1982 Newhart (TV) (supervising producer)
  • 1981 The Jeffersons (TV, 1 episode) (writer)

The Simpsons

Awards and nominations

  • 2003 Writers Guild of America Award nomination: Animation for The Simpsons (for episode "Blame It on Lisa")
  • 1994 Emmy Award nomination: Outstanding Comedy Series for Home Improvement (shared with other producers of the show)
  • 1990 Emmy Award nomination: Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series for Newhart (shared with Mark Egan and Mark Solomon)

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