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Robert Joseph "Bob" Dole (July 23, 1923 - December 5, 2021) was a candidate running against Bill Clinton for president in the 1996 presidential election, a vice presidential candidate under Gerald Ford in the 1976 presidential election and is a former Senator from Kansas.


Bob Dole read from the Necronomicon at a Springfield Republican Party meeting.[1]

Bob Dole tried to replace Springfield's local congressman, Horace Wilcox when he died, but Krusty got the job instead.[2]


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Kang and Kodos kidnapped him and Bill Clinton in order to rule the world. Bob Dole and Bill Clinton get sent into orbit accidentally by Homer, naked. He is taken over by one of the two aliens and they then impersonate him in order to become President. When they are found out, the people decide that they would be just as good as the candidates.[3]