Todd, Todd, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?
Bobby, It's Cold Outside
Hail to the Teeth
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Cultural References

  • This episode title references the 1944 song Baby, It's Cold Outside.
  • The song sung by the Simpson family while in the car is "Baby Shark".
  • The now-defunct Gimbel'sdepartment store chain is shown and mentioned in the flashback scene from Mr. Burns's childhood.
  • Both NCIS: New Orleans and Quantum Leap are referenced when Wiggum talks with a justifiably irate Scott Bakula upon releasing him from custody. Similarly, Steve Ballmer references Mistaken Identity when being released. Sandra Bullock also puts on a blue blindfold when being released, referencing her role in the film Bird Box.
  • The Simpsons watch the "Fox News Yule Log", a parody of the WPIX Yule Log that ran from 1966 to 1989, and revived in 2001. This show features various "liberal" items being burned in a fireplace, including the U.S. Constuitution, the Bill of Rights, a portrait of President John F. Kennedy, and copies of The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin, It Takes a Village by Hilary Clinton, Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, and Emily Post's Book of Etiquette.


  • This episode is the sequel to "Gone Boy".
  • This is the second Sideshow Bob episode to be a Christmas episode.
  • This is the second Sideshow Bob episode to be a sequel to another Sideshow Bob episode, despite the fact that every episode he appears in we get a hint of what he has done.
  • Homer mentions that he used to be a mall Santa and still has his "Santa Belt", which was a reference to the series premiere.
  • Bob's flashback to dark secrets references the following:
    • "Cape Feare": Bob's exercise routine in jail as well as his attempt at murdering Bart inside the houseboat.
    • "The Bob Next Door": Bob's face being removed by a waitress (although technically that was actually Walt Warren), and also his escape from jail has his face briefly flap off before he restores it.
  • The suspects of who the identity of the gift thieves were via Lenny's hint were the following:
  • The life goals Sideshow Bob had were of the following:
    • Work till age 67
    • Retire with pension
    • Date age-appropriate woman
    • Learn Chinese
    • Find birth father


  • Mr. Burns says that both his parents died when he was little but in "Homer the Smithers" we see that Mrs. Burns is still alive at age of 122.
    • Also in The Mansion Family he mentions that cause of his parents' death is because they got in his way. If he ran over them then he would already be a grown man not a child because it is very unlikely that he would drive a car as being a child.
    • Also in "Rosebud" the flashback shows that he abandoned his parents when he was a kid along with his brother George and his teddy bear Bobo to live with a billionaire.
  • Cassandra mentions that Sideshow Bob had no wedding ring, even though he was married to Francesca Terwilliger.
    • It is unconfirmed whether or not Bob and Francesca divorced if that's the case.
  • One of Bob's life goals say "Find Birth Father". Even though his actual birth father is Robert Terwilliger, Sr..
  • The flashback takes place in 1935 and in it, Mr. Burns is a child, but in "Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus" we see a flashback from 1906 and it shows Mr. Burns as a child, so after 29 years Burns wouldn't have been a child anymore.
  • The website that Lenny uses to buy his Christmas gifts doesn't have a top-level domain in its URL.
  • Homer's address on his Kris Kringle Union card lists him as living at Springfield Beach, which the same place Sideshow Bob's card says.

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