Books! Books! and Additional Books!
Books! Books! and Additional Books!
Town Springfield
First Appearance "Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy"

Books! Books! and Additional Books! is a bookshop in Springfield.


While shopping at Books! Books! and Additional Books!, Homer and Marge were looking for a book in the "Martial Relations" section to improve their marriage. Homer opened Kama Sutra and told Marge that a man in the picture inside of the book looked like Apu.

Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa shopped on their own. When the children returned, Homer and Marge quickly grabbed random books to pretend they were looking for something else, not for books about sex. Marge held Tanks of the Third Reich and Homer held Mapplethorpe and they became terrified when they found out what the books were about. Eventually, they decided to buy an audio book Mr. and Mrs. Erotic American.

Bart bought Unidentified Flying Outrage!, a book about UFO. However, after reading it, he saw UFO everywhere.

Lisa bought Sane Planning, Sensible Tomorrow by Al Gore. As the book was scanned at the cash register, a signal went to The Pentagon and Gore was informed that someone had finally bought his new book. To celebrate it, he listened to the song "Celebration" by Kool & the Gang.


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