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Bouncing Battle Baby is Maggie Simpson's superhero alter-ego.


Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl are on their way out, when Marge Simpson stops them forcing them to take care of Maggie Simpson even though they do not think it is good idea. They walk to Professor Frink's who has invented a cloning machine and made a copy of himself. The experiment goes awry and Maggie gets Clobber Girl's invulnerability and Stretch Dude's rubber-icity and becomes Bouncing Battle Baby. The three begin to solve cases together, but the first case goes badly when Clobber Girl has to change Bouncing Battle Baby's diaper; the second does not go well when she starts crying during a robbery attempt. During the third case Maggie is sleeping and they must wait for her to wake up. They realize that Bouncing Battle Baby does not belong in the trio and she gets upset and starts crying. They have a new case with the ongoing robbery of the Fourth National Bank and all three go there.

The robber, Snake Jailbird has made clones of himself and Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl realize they can not stop all the robbers, but Stretch Dude has an idea. They create a slingshot with Bouncing Battle Baby as the ball and she bounces on all the robbers; only the real Snake gets hurt as the others fall to pieces and he is arrested. They decide that all three will continue to stop evil in the world.



  • Bouncing Battle Baby is the first Simpsons Comics character to be in The Simpsons: Tapped Out