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Bourbon Verlander is an owner of multiple for-profit colleges, a college and university founder, and also a member of the Skull and Bones Society. He makes a deal with Mr. Burns, who wants to start his own university, after he discovers how much a university can make. Later, when Homer is getting much better at teaching his class as professor, Bourbon decides to tell Mr. Burns and Smithers that he'll buy Burns University, but it has to include Homer, so he needs to find out how much he's worth to the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Mr. Burns then says that he'll owe Bourbon 100,000 dollars, so he tells Homer that he sold his contract, and that he'll work for Bourbon at his private estate.

Meanwhile, at his estate, he introduces Homer to Neil deGrasse Tyson, Ken Jennings, Suze Orman, and Robert McKee. He then tells them that they must face the challenge to teach LadyBots with artificial intelligence, so they did. At first, it turns out normal, but it is revealed that Bourbon is creating an army of LadyBots so advanced that they can get student loans. Bourbon then tells them that the LadyBots will attend the universities he's been buying up, and funnel billions of tax-payer dollars to him.

Later, after the LadyBots head to Yale University (they're all up to their polyurethane necks in debt), Bourbon is at his integration, and is saying that the LadyBots had blended in, they've got 12 productions of The Crucible going on, and the deepest Division III women's lacrosse team the world has ever seen. However, Homer ruins his integration by acting like a robot, the LadyBots discover that Homer's in bot face and think that's unbelievably offensive to them, causing them to malfunction and explode, much to Bourbon's shock, because the teachers made them too human to learn.