Bart's Inner Child
Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood
The Last Temptation of Homer
Homer: Aha! Aw, twenty dollars, I wanted a peanut!
Homer's Brain: Twenty dollars can buy many peanuts.
Homer: Explain how.
Homer's Brain: Money can be exchanged for goods and services.

Bart: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh... my head...
Lisa: Tsk tsk tsk... the remorse of the sugar junkie.
Bart: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh... I don't remember anything.
Lisa: Really? Not even (pulls Bart's sheet off him) this?
Bart: Wah! Oh, no! I must've joined the Junior Campers! Ah!
Lisa: The few, the proud, the geeky. (laughs)
Bart: Boy, a man on a Squishee bender can sure do some crazy things.

Marge: Homer, I have to go out to pick up something for dinner.
Homer: Steak?
Marge: Money's too tight for steak.
Homer: Steak?
Marge: (lying) Yeah, sure, steak.

Moe: When I say "put your beer on a coaster", I mean it!

Hans: You call that a knife? (pulls out a giant machete) This is a knife!
(the machete proves too heavy for him to lift and slowly falls over) Ooo-ooh! Down I go!

Ned Flanders: Godspeed lil' doodle.

Homer: Marge, don't discourage the boy. Weaseling out of things is important to learn! It's what separates us from the animals! (pause) Except the weasel.

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