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Homer: Let us curl, my lady. Let us throw and sweep between until the heavens themselves droop their jaws in wonder and envy. And afterwards, there will be beer and coco with Marshmallows floating in the foam. And if and now till the end of time someone should ask: "what we were doing on the eve of the 17th of November", we shall proclaim, that WE were Curling.
Marge: This is what you're like when you don't drink!

(Bart finds Lisa playing her saxophone in a street corner)
Lisa: (yelling to a pedestrian) Hey! I saw you grooving to the beat! you got to pay for that!
Bart: Lis, What's going on? You're not normally this interesting.
Lisa: Nothing's going on! Just sharing my music with the good people of Vancouver. (someone throws a dime in the saxophone case) A dime?! What do you think I am? A payphone from 1980?!
Bart: Are you sure you're okay?
Lisa: I'm fine! Fine fine fine-fine-fine-fine-fine! (blinks her eye twice)
Bart: What's that noise? (He opens Lisa's jacket and see only Olympic pins) Your dress is covered with pins!
Lisa: There is no dress! It's just pins! (starts crying) Help me?

(Lisa and Bart are walking on a park)
Bart: Lisa, I know everything about addiction that you can learn from watching dad. The first thing you have to do is get clean, so give me your pins! all of them!
Lisa: What's this? Tuff love?
Bart: Nah, It's a little more like soft hate. (Lisa gives him her jacket and sleeveless jacket) I said all of them! (Lisa sighs, shakes her head making lots of pins fall off her hair and finally spits one off her mouth) Now just put your peals back on and we'll go get some coffe.
Lisa: It's not that easy, Bart! I... traded away my pearls. Wthout them... I'm just a big Maggie! (cries, making Bart worried)

Sports Announcer: (weaker) Who you gonna call... Zimbabwe, but now not competing but observing. Who you gonna call? Angola...

(Homer and Marge are on the car after their failed romantic date)
Marge: This isn't fair. I want romance!
Homer: How about bromance?
Marge: It's not the same.
Homer: Dude...
Marge: I'm not a dude! I'm a hottie!
Homer: This bromance just got interesting.

Homer: (To Boob Lady) How can I ever thank you?
Boob Lady: Pay your bill!!
Homer: (accelerating his car away) I couldn't hear the last thing you said, good-bye forever!!

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