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(Handing Moe a drawing) Here's you!
―Boy with glasses[src]

The Boy with glasses (also known as the "Pokemon Kid") is a boy in Mrs. McConnell's third and fourth grade class.


He was one of several kids that appeared at Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag in "Bart Sells His Soul". In the episode, "Chief Of Hearts" he was seen at Dylan's birthday party with several other kids.

It is not known what his relationship with Dylan is, but it's possible he and the other boys likely met Dylan at some point in the past, just like Bart did.


This character is usually seen in at Springfield Elementary School, mostly as a secondary character in the background. He has been seen in various places in Springfield.

He is often define by the glasses he always wears. He appeared on the field trip to Capital City in "Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade", where he was seen with his classmates. He has been heard speaking twice, so far. He is probably 9-10 years old.


The boy with glasses usually wears a beige shirt, green shorts, and black shoes. His clothes have changed color many times. His shirt has changed color to gray, red, green, and other colors.

The same goes for his shorts and shoes. He has bluish gray or brown hair. He also has bangs that resemble Jaffee's hair. He also wears round lensed glasses.


  • In "Little Big Girl", he was seen without his glasses. So far, this is the only time he's seen not wearing them.
  • In "Bart Sells His Soul", it's possible he was seen with his family.



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