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The boy with shades is a student in Bart's class who is known for always wearing a pair of pink shades. He is seen without shades in other episodes.


The boy with shades is often seen in the background in Bart's class and around Springfield Elementary. His messy hair is usually a light-brown or orange color, but is occasionally other colors. He always wears a pair of pink shades. He has never spoken until Specs and the City when he cries out "My Mom left it on the dashboard! My Mooooom!"

Behind the Laughter

  • Being a background character, his appearance has not been fully finalized so his hair color often changes drastically between episodes.
  • His appearance is quite similar to that of Howard, another student who is usually seen at the Noiseland Video Arcade.
  • In the episode Summer of 4 Ft. 2 he was seen without his shades on. He was seen without his shades again during the episode Special Edna.
  • As of Specs and the City he is voiced by Tress MacNeille.

Episode Appearances

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