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Brake My Wife, Please
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Walking’s made a new man out of you.
Carl to Homer

"Brake My Wife, Please" is the twentieth episode of Season 14.


Homer loses his driver's license and Marge is forced to drive him around town. She grows positively furious when she starts having to chauffeur all of his friends, too.

Full Story

Marge accidentally hits Homer.

While on a school field trip to the Springfield Aquarium, Principal Skinner spots some yellow pearls in a clam. This turns out to be Bart mooning everyone. As Bart tries to get out of the water he is grabbed by an octopus, punched in the stomach by an tortoise and smacked on the head by a hammerhead shark. While Bart is at the hospital, Marge realizes that Homer has the insurance card but cannot find him. Dr. Hibbert chains Bart to a radiator until the insurance card is found. When Homer eventually shows up at the hospital, saying he got side tracked by watching TV at the video store, Marge demands he get a cell phone. Lindsey Naegle walks into the hospital and sells him one. The next day Homer goes to buy a hand-free set for his brand new cell phone but ends up buying numerous accessories which are plugged into the cigarette lighter in his car such as a DVD player, a snowcone maker and a fog machine. Homer drives around whilst using these accessories paying no attention to the road. Because of this Homer drives off the end of a pier and into the ocean. When his car has been pulled out of the ocean by the Coast Guard, Homer appears in court, and Judge Constance Harm rules that his driver's license is suspended as Homer's license is confiscated, sliced in half by the guillotine with the remaining shards eaten up by the dogs and Harm orders the officers to "burn their poop".

With Homer not being able to drive anywhere now, Marge has to do all the driving such as pick up Homer's dry cleaning in Shelbyville and drive Lenny and Carl around. She soon becomes stressed out and starts nitpicking at everyone. Homer walks to work early where he is warmly greeted by Mr. Burns, while everyone else is stuck in traffic. As a reward, Mr. Burns gives Homer a ticket. While Homer walks to Moe's Tavern he realizes that he likes walking. Whilst Homer enjoys walking, Marge finds that chauffeuring everyone around is stressing her out and because of this accidentally runs Homer over.

Marge is welcomed

As Homer is in the hospital, Dr. Hibbert informs Marge that because Homer has a broken pelvis he will have to rely on her to do everything for him. Marge brings him in a bowl of pea soup but, when Homer finds it too hot, she accidentally spills it on him. Then, while Homer is walking out of the hospital with the aid of a cane, Marge gets annoyed she has to drive him home and 'accidentally' kicks his cane causing him to fall over. Homer now begins to suspect Marge is trying to hurt him. She tries to deny that she doesn't hate him. However, it doesn't work and she keeps fumbling over her words until she screams "I hate you!" at him. They end up going to see a marriage counselor. When one of the tasks is to make a list of people who are important to them, Marge realizes she is not on Homer's list as it just contains different variations of his name and she walks out sadly. The counselor recommends that Homer does one unselfish thing to win her back. He decides to have a barbecue for Marge and invites the whole town.

When Marge returns home, she walks into the backyard and is welcomed by everyone. Homer and Jackson Browne sing a duet dedicated to Marge. Marge is very impressed and forgives Homer. After dinner Homer wants some privacy with Marge and closes the episode by turning the sprinklers on and ending the barbecue. Before they have their privacy, Marge asks where is Ned and his family. Homer doesn't respond, but it's implied that he intentionally didn't invite Ned, presumably sending him and his family on a wild goose chase looking for God. Homer never gets his license or car back at the end.



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