Old Yeller-Belly
Brake My Wife, Please
The Bart of War


  • Apu and Manjula go to therapy for Apu's affair. (The Sweetest Apu)
  • This episode never explains how Homer is able to drive again afterwards.

Cultural references

  • The name of this episode refers to Henny Youngman's line, "Take my wife, please". This line is also referred to by the Simpsons episodes "Take My Wife, Sleaze" and "Take My Life, Please". This joke was also mentioned in Little Big Girl, where Bart says "Take my wife, Please. Hey, I finally get that joke!"
  • Homer's "I Love to Walk" song is a parody of "Talk to the Animals" from the 1967 animated film Doctor Dolittle.
  • Homer sings Grandmaster Melle Mel's lines from Chaka Khan's song, I Feel for You on the karaoke microphone.
  • The elderly couple that Homer passes by are a reference to Dennis' elderly neighbors, The Wilsons from Dennis the Menace.
  • Homer’s quote “Calm down, Stresserella” is a reference to a princess Cinderella.
  • Comic Book Guy’s quote “I can’t drive 55” is the name of the song from 1984.


  • In the scene where Bart said he would bite his hand off, he looked fine. After Homer was reminiscing about himself going to the movie store, in the background you could see Bart without his handcuffs on, and he was in his bandage again.
  • After Marge tells Homer she hates him, Homer says he never thought he heard it from her, but she did say she hated him when he tricked her to thinking Homer is in French Class in “The Way He Was.”
  • The syrup on Bart’s pancakes disappears when Marge was shoving cereal into his mouth.
  • If Homer weighed 239 pounds, then how was Bart able to lifted him up?

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