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Dang Cletus!
―Brandine to Cletus

Brandine Spuckler (née Del Roy) is the wife and sister of Cletus Spuckler. She is a stereotypical hillbilly, who mothers she and her husband/brother's countless Spuckler Children on an old, run-down farm on Rural Route 9.


Brandine is a dumb, redneck, hillbilly and overall, basically a female version of Cletus. She is also known to have many disabilities. She has suffered from rabies and admitted to being illiterate, as seen when she couldn't write her own name during a cooking contest.


Cletus Spuckler

Brandine and Cletus are both stereotypical representatives of hillbillies. Brandine is also 41 years old. Brandine and Cletus were married by Homer Simpson. It is implied that she was divorced four times prior to her marriage to Cletus.

They are oft-insinuated to be related, alternately as siblings, cousins, each other's parents, or niece/uncle.

In "The Italian Bob" she said to Cletus, "You are the most wonderful husband, and son, I ever had".

In "Alone Again, Natura-Diddily" when she complained that they should kiss in front of her parents and Cletus said, "They's my parents, too."

In "Love Is in the N2-O2-Ar-CO2-Ne-He-CH4" after shooting down a cherub and Brandine assuring Cletus she can fry up whatever he can shoot down, he says "Oh Brandine, of all the cousins I could have married, you was my sister".

Spuckler Children

She has 60 children. There were originally 26 that Marge saw and several more were later seen. Cletus is apparently only the father of two children ("The one who can't sing and the one who can't adlib"), despite most of them resembling both parents in appearance.

When Brandine tests Moe's drink, it is seen she has a card saying "19 children".[1]

Brandine is also the "Mother/Sister/Cousin/Niece" type of mom you meet at the PTA.[2]


She once interviewed for a job as a stripper, although she refused to wear the combat boots that her husband had found, stating she did not want to scuff the topless dancing runway. She, along with Cletus, is claustrophobic and won't go up elevators. She also has apparently worked at Dairy Queen at some point, which she referenced in refusing to wear a shirt Cletus gave her, citing she had to wear “the shirt what Dairy Queen give me.” It was shown that Brandine was in Iraq, fighting in the Iraq War. She came back to stop Cletus’ exploitation of their children, and to tell him that he was only the father of the two untalented kids, casting doubt over the paternity of the other Spuckler children. She once was briefly under consideration as a foster mother to the Simpson children.


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