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She of Little Faith
Brawl in the Family
Sweets and Sour Marge
Homer: A grizzly bear with a chainsaw. Now, there's a killing machine!

Homer: I'm gonna come back with the greatest gift a husband can give his wife. An annulment from his secret wife!

Marge: We don't need TV to have family fun. Why don't we play Monopoly?
Lisa: Which version? [pulls board games from the closet] We've got "Star Wars Monopoly,"
"Rasta-mon opoly," "Galipolopoly," "Edna Krabappoly."
Marge: Let's stick to regular Monopoly. The game is crazy enough as it is; how can an iron be a landlord?

[While the family is playing Monopoly]
Bart: [holding some money Homer has given him] You're a little light here, Dad.
Homer: I'm good for the rest… you know I am!
Bart: Well, I'd like to trust you, Homer, but you've been in jail 3 times.
Homer: They told me it would be like this on the outside.
Lisa: [picks up one of Bart's "hotels"] These hotels are made of Legos. Bart, you're cheating!
Marge: Lisa, it was probably an accident.
Lisa: Oh, sure, you take his side, just because he bought you that house on St. James Place.
Bart: Who else is going to take care of her? Dad?
Homer: Why, you little ... [throttles Bart]
Marge: Stop fighting! [throttles Homer]
Lisa: Mom, that's not how you pry them apart! [grabs Bart's arm and tries to pull him away from Homer]
Marge: I've been prying them apart since before you were born!

Brenda the Police Robot: I am Brenda. I am programmed to talk in a calm and constructive manner. [yells] DESTROY! DESTROY!

Officer Lou: Another case of Monopoly-related violence, Chief.
Chief Wiggum: How do those Parker Brothers sleep at night?

Chief Wiggum: Nice work, Brenda. I'll take it from here.
Brenda the Police Robot: No way! This is my collar! [Chief Wiggum switches off Brenda's power switch and she shuts down]
Chief Wiggum: Too bad real women don't come with these, huh? [laughs]
Homer: [laughs] You got that right.
Chief Wiggum: Quiet, you. That counts as your phone call.

[When the Simpsons are in jail]
Lisa: Thanks a lot, everybody. Now, I'll never get into an Ivy League school.
Bart: [taunting] You're going to Stanford, you're going to Stanford ...
Homer and Bart: [taunting] You're going to Stanford!
Lisa: Take it back! Take it back!
Homer: Stanford.
Marge: This family has hit rock bottom.

Gabriel: Hello, I'm Gabriel.
Homer: [gasps] A heavenly choir! You must be an angel.
Gabriel: [laughs] No, that's my pager. [turns his pager off] I'm a social worker. I'm here to help you stop fighting and become a family again.
Homer: No, you are an angel, like Denzel Washington in "The Preacher's Wife", or Will Smith in "Bagger Vance", or Slimer in "Ghostbusters".
Marge: Sir, we know you're not an angel. My husband sees too many movies.
Homer: Don't blame me, blame Tinseltown and its second golden age. May it never end.

[Bart brings Gabriel to school]
Bart: [to the kids at school] Attention, everyone! This is Gabriel, my personal social worker. He has to be here. I'm just that nuts. [the kids are impressed]
Milhouse: How come you get a social worker? I'm the one with stigmata. [holds up his bloody hands]

Marge: Food keeps my family happy, so I make a few practice dinners before showtime, ‘cause at 6 o'clock, we go live!

[When Homer brings Gabriel to Moe’s]
Homer: Okay, Gabriel, this is a bar. It's where I go to drink alcohol, which is the mortal equivalent of your ambrosia.
Gabriel: Homer, I am not an angel.
Homer: Pfft. Well, not with that temper.

[Gabriel takes the Simpsons’ to the rules]
Homer: Okay, why are we in the woods? Is this Heaven?
Gabriel: No, Homer. I brought you out here to shake off your negative behavior patterns. Marge, you medicate your family with food. Bart, you'll do anything for attention …cut that out!
Bart: [with a beard of bees] They chose me.

Homer: Okay, family huddle. [everyone huddles together and Homer lowers his voice to a whisper] Now, here's how it's going down. As a family, we drive away. We cover for each other, as a family. It's what Gabriel would have wanted.
Lisa: Look, we can't fall into old patterns. We've got to think of a plan.
Homer: [in a whisper] Okay, but talk like this.
Lisa: [in a whisper] Fine, I'll talk like this.
Homer: [in his normal voice] What?

Marge: You know, we've been through some 280 adventures together, but our bond has never been stronger.
Homer: Yep, our family is as functional as all get-out.
Lisa: Could this be the end of our series ... of events?

Homer: But Marge, it wasn't my fault... liquors drunkened me!

Amber: [to Lisa] I could show you how to put on makeup.
Lisa: I'm 8 years old.
Amber: You could look 7. [to Bart] And I can teach you how to count cards.
Bart: I already have a system.

Homer: (wakes up) Aah, the sweet couple of seconds before I remember why I'm sleeping on the lawn.

Judge Harm: Mr. Simpson, under Nevada law, bigamy, or "Mormon hold-'em," is perfectly legal. [bangs gavel] Both marriages stand.
Homer: But I only love Marge!
Judge Harm: I hereby order you to take care of both of your wives. Bailiff, ring him. [a bailiff puts a second wedding ring onto Homer's finger]

Marge: Homer?
Homer: Marge? You're speaking to me!?
Marge: Why don't you come inside and we'll talk?
Homer: About what? Sports? Bigamy?
Marge: Bigamy.
Homer: Not a sports fan, huh?
Marge: You insensitive jerk! Maybe this family would be better off without you!

Grampa: Oh, I lost another wife.
Lisa: I'm sorry, Grampa.
Grampa: Well, it hurts now, but the senility will take care of that. There she goes. (to Homer) You know, I have a son about your age.

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