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Donut Homer.jpg This episode is considered non-canon, and the events featured are not part of the timeline of the series' continuity.

"Brick Like Me" is the twentieth episode of Season 25. This is the 550th episode of the series overall.


Homer finds himself in a world where everyone and everything in Springfield are made of LEGO pieces.


Homer wakes up in a world where everything and everyone is made of LEGO, except for Maggie being made of DUPLO bricks and is larger than the other characters. While driving, he goes to purchase a LEGO castle for Lisa's birthday.

At school, Bart and Milhouse chase a skunk Milhouse brought in for "Share Day". The skunk gets in behind the walls. While trying to disassemble the wall, Willie learns of the skunk and smashes through the wall collapsing the school down. Principal Skinner tells Bart to rebuild the school.

At the Comic Book Store, Comic Book Guy hands Homer Lisa's LEGO Princess Shop. When Homer touches the box he has a flash of himself, as his normal cartoon self, giving the gift to Lisa and helping her build it, finding he likes building things of LEGO. He snaps out of it, freaking out and runs out of the store. Homer tells Marge about his vision. She tells Homer that it was a dream. Homer goes to the bathroom sink and splashes water on his face. He looks at his reflection and sees his cartoon self, thinking it is a mystical mysterious mirror. Homer walks by the Kwik-E-Mart and sees his cartoon reflection in the window and scolds at it. Apu then points his cartoon image on the advent calendar. He is shocked and immediately goes to Moe's and his beer turns to liquid instead of being plastic circles. Moe, Lenny, and Carl turn cartoon and back again. Homer runs out of the bar.

Bart has the idea to reshape the school into a better fun place and does so while Willie sleeps.

At church, Reverend Lovejoy talks about the creation of the world by the creator. Lovejoy talks about the world being plastic and Homer asks what if the world isn't all plastic. His hands turn cartoon. Everyone sees Homer's hands and turn against him. Marge stands up for him and they leave to go to the Comic Book Store for answers.

At the Comic Book Shop, Homer touches the box for another vision. In the vision, cartoon Homer and Lisa are making a LEGO Springfield in the basement. Marge gives them a flyer for a LEGO Construct contest. Lisa plans to enter. Later, after Homer builds the Duff Brewery, Lisa is gone from the basement and she is in her room with some girls talking about going to the new Survival Games movie. Homer enters and embarrasses her. Lisa plans to go to the movie instead of the contest. At the contest, Homer wishes he lived in his LEGO town, Comic Book Guy's entry falls on Homer knocking him unconscious.

In the LEGO world, Comic Book Guy tells Homer and Marge that their world is fantasy and that their world was created by Homer so Lisa will always love him. Homer likes this idea and his cartoon hands turn back to bricks. Homer then enjoys his fantasy life.

After rebuilding eleven more Springfield Elementary Schools out of Lego bricks as his punishment, Bart vows never to build what he wants again, Principal Skinner tells him he's learnt his lesson and he has got five more Springfield Elementary school Lego kits for his birthday and Bart is forced to rebuild an extra five schools, much to his disappointment.

Homer enjoys a tea party with Lisa, talking about nothing will ever change including his job and realizes he can't live a fantasy. He goes to the Comic Book store and tells Comic Book Guy he wants to go home. All Homer has to do is open the LEGO castle box he wants for Lisa, but CBG won't let him. Comic Book Guy becomes furious and he is now the villain. He builds a fort around the store and has pirates and ninjas attack Homer. Homer cries for help and Bart comes to the rescue in a giant Power Rangers type robot and takes down the pirates and ninjas using lions. The robot breaks down and falls on the Comic Book store.

In the rubble, Homer finds the box, opens it and changes back to his normal cartoon self, kisses Marge goodbye and jumps in the box.

Homer regains consciousness at the LEGO contest. He tells Lisa about his dream and the lessons he learned. Lisa thinks that was the plot of "The LEGO Movie", but Homer dismisses that notion. He tells Lisa to go to the movie knowing he can't stop her from growing up. The episode finishes with a pan out above the city into space and goes up until a LEGO man is building the universe.

In the credits, Homer and Marge sit behind Lisa at the theater. Homer hates the movie but Marge likes it. He keeps talking to her so she shushes him so she can enjoy and watch it.


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