This article is about the Britney Spears character. For the real-life musician and guest voice actress, please see Britney Spears.
And I'm teen pop sensation Britney Spears!
―Britney Spears

Britney Jean Spears is an American pop singer and entertainer.


Britney hosts the Springfield Pride Awards with Kent Brockman. She accidentally kills Springfield's oldest resident, Cornelius Chapman, by kissing him on the cheek after handing him an award, and was going to do the same to Mr. Burns when he got the award by default as the second oldest man in town, but he stopped her, fearing the "kiss of death".


Britney has yellow skin, blonde hair, and a slim attractive figure. She also has pink lipstick. Her outfit is based of one of her outfits from her "Baby One More Time" music video; a blue sports bra, red and white sweatpants and blue and white sneakers, and her hair is half down and half in pigtails.

Episode Appearances

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