Homer's Phobia
Brother from Another Series
My Sister, My Sitter



Ruth Powers with red hair


  • Yellowkrusty

    Yellow-Skinned Krusty

    When the crowd boos after Mayor Quimby defends the choice to release Bob, Ruth Powers has red hair instead of her usual brown hair.
  • Bart was aware about Bob trying to murder him, but he already understood it in Cape Feare.
  • When Bart is praying, his Krusty poster depicts Krusty's face and beard colored yellow instead of white and tan respectively.
  • Bart calls Bob an unstoppable killing machine even though Bart and Lisa have Stopped him every time he has tried to kill anyone(which Bob alludes to while having dinner with Mrs. Krabappel).
  • Redonshirt

    The space between Bob's fingers is colored red

    While Sideshow Bob holds Lisa back, a piece of his blue shirt above his hand briefly turns red like his tie.
  • Coloredyellow

    Some of Cecil's hair above Bart's arm is yellow

    As Bart block's Cecil's eyesight, a piece of Cecil's hair is briefly colored yellow, making him look partially bald.
  • There is no way $15 million fits in a briefcase.
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