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The Brown-haired boy is a boy in Ms. Hoover's second grade class.


He is a background character and is usually seen in the background at school. He's also appeared in other places around Springfield. He attends the same second grade class that Lisa is in.

He never spoke up until the episode "Hardly Kirk-ing. In the episode, he received a book with a signature from Krusty. The book is named A Child's Garden of Milli Vanilli Jokes. He then asked Krusty who is Milli Vanilli, with Krusty replying that he doesn't know.

He appears to get along with his classmates and the other children at school. He was one of three kids that was playing with Jasper Beardly's beard in The Scorpion's Tale.


The clothes he usually wears includes long blue pants, a white shirt, and red shoes. He has either brown or ginger hair. In some cases his hair color changes to black. In past episodes his clothes have changed color.


  • He appeared in a flashback during the episode "Pranks And Greens". He was one of several children seen at the pool that Springfield Elementary School use to have. This is likely an error since he wasn't born at that time, or possibly a lookalike elder brother.


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