Brt Sampsan is the Sampsan family counterpart of Bart Simpson. He is an alien, depicted as a ball of mush lying on the ground with his head and four arms emerged from it. His main catchphrase is, "Don't! Don't have cow, man!"


Like the rest of the Simpson family, Bart ends up as Brt Sampsan in the year of 10,535 on Septembar 36.4th after Homer time travels there, and is now an alien depicted as a ball of mush. He, along with Marj, Leezuh and Maagi, are called by Homar to meet him at the kitchen cube. When he arrives there, Brt says, "Don't! Don't have cow, man!" repetitively after he fidgets.

After everything changes again when Homar realizes that he has memories, Brt first shows up in the 37,211.4th episode of The Simpsons, where he, along with the rest of the Sampsan family, are polygonal shapes while saying, "We are happy family" in unison. Finally, Brt is in the 100,411.2nd episode, where he, along with Leezuh and Maagi, are in a grainy and destroyed graph-like background.

Suddenly, Brt and the rest of the family are back to the day of Septembar 36.4th, 10,535, where he keeps bickering with Leezuh until he says, "Don't have! Cow maaaaaaaannnn!!".


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