Bud Armstrong is the commissioner of Pro Football. He is a man who appears to be in his 50s with gray hair a black suit and nerdy glasses.


He chose the Springfield Meltdowns Football team to be in Springfield over Los Angeles. However, to promote the team Mayor Quimby renamed all the streets in town Football related names (such as Two-Point Conversion Avenue) and Bud had to go to the Meltdowns stadium to accept Football in Springfield but gets lost as his map gives out the original street names and his cell phone is dead as well as his assistant. He then has to use a working phone and ends up going to 742 Evergreen Terrace to use it where Abe is babysitting Maggie. He first has to use the bathroom while Abe is watching 48 Minutes and it is about how criminals go after old people watching the show and Snake claims that he went to an old man's house and used his bathroom and phone while stealing pictures of his grandchildren. After Bud is done using the bathroom he uses the phone while taking a picture of Bart and Lisa and Abe believes he is a monster and will be a hero if he catches him. Abe then knocks him out and when The Simpsons come home Bud tells Homer he is cancelling the Meltdowns.


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