Let's Go Fly a Coot
Mathlete's Feat
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Marge: Sweetie, what happened?
Bart: Bullies broke my trophy. [Puts the broken trophy on the table]
Grandpa: Oh, don't worry. When you grow up, you gonna have a hell of a career! Oh, wait, you're not the girl. [to Lisa] You gonna have a hell of a career!
Lisa: Thank you! (chuckles)

(Chief Wiggum is securing the prison with Lou and many other Springfieldians inside the cell)
Lou: Oh, c'mon Chief! Why am I in here?
Chief Wiggum: You're a workplace bully.
Lou: Chief, I put my name on my lunch because you are always eating it!
Chief Wiggum: Bully!! Bully!! Bully!!

(In the Anti-Bullying video)
Krusty The Clown: I used to be a jerk. I never cared whose feelings I hurt as long as it got a laugh.
Fat Tony: I took a thumb when a pinky would do.
Homer: But we have learned our lesson. So I hear by promise:
Agnes Skinner: I promise:
Gary Chalmers: I promise:
Bumblebee Man: Te prometo:
Mayor Quimby: We all promise:
Bumblebee Man, Snake, Lou, Fat Tony, Gary, Quimby and Agnes: To be a better human being.
Homer: Better human being.
Gary Chalmers: (sighs) Once again, people!
Bumblebee Man, Snake, Lou, Fat Tony, Gary, Quimby and Agnes: To be a better human being.
Homer: Better being!
Agnes Skinner: Does he have to be on this?
Anti-Bullying teacher: (watching the video later) Well, surprisingly that was our best take.

Dr. Raufbold: Everybody is woven by the colorful thread known as humiliation. [To Gary Chalmers] Gary, who humiliated you?
Gary Chalmers: Well, (clears throat) my father was a psychologist. He was a big believer in the methods of B.F. SKINNERRRRRR! I had to go through a hamster maze to get to my breakfast. Which way is love, daddy? (teary-eyed) Which way is love?! (sobs) He made me go through a maze... (weeping)
Dr. Raufbold: (sighs) Breakthrough.

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