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Fantasize, Marge. Fantasize about Burly.

Burly is the mascot of Burly Paper Towels.


When Marge accidentally bought the wrong brand of paper towel, she was going to take it back to the shop, but then she saw a picture of Burly on it and fell in love with him, even fantasizing about him. It is unknown who the actual model is.

When Marge wrote a letter to Burly, Homer and Bart decided to prank Marge by calling her up and claiming to be the model for Burly Paper Towels (whom Homer referred to as "Chad Sexington") and that they wanted to meet Marge and her family for dinner. Excited Marge agreed and prepared for the dinner carefully, she even painted a painting of Burly. However, the only one who came for dinner was Barney, dressed slightly like Burly.

Behind the Laughter

He is a parody of the Brawny Man from Brawny Paper Towels.