The Homer They Fall
Burns, Baby Burns
Bart After Dark


  • According to the googly-eyed walnut Larry Burns is selling, his souvenir stand is located in Waynesport. This is where the train Mr. Burns was on stops.
  • Mr. Burns was a member of Yale's Class of 1914.
  • Statues of Burns dressed like an ancient Roman can be seen outside his mansion.
  • The copyright symbol (©) is missing from the copyright screen during the end credits (First of two).
  • The Mt. Swartzwelder Historic Cider Mill is a reference to John Swartzwelder.
  • This was Ian Maxtone-Graham's first episode. He previously worked as a consultant on the show.
  • There is a portrait of a Scottish man wearing kilt with a sign "Angus Burns" above a fireplace in the living room in the Burns Manor. It refers to his family's Scottish descent. However, there are many theories about their origin (German, Mexican...).
  • The events that the Simpsons tell Larry about Mr. Burns is: sexually harassing Marge (Marge Gets a Job), stealing Abe's fiancee (Lady Bouvier's Lover), trying to kill their puppies (Two Dozen and One Greyhounds) and making fun of Homer's weight (Brush with Greatness). Though in Homer's case, it might've happened on multiple occasions.
  • When Homer was explaining to Mr. Burns that Larry was only trying to get his father's love, he describes his children as obnoxious (Bart's reckless behavior), boring (the idea that Lisa's lectures, thoughts, activities, actions and trip ideas are dumb and boring), and stinky (referring to Maggie, who wears diapers). Upon hearing this, the kids get ticked off at Homer because of the way he described them.

Cultural references

  • Several elements of the episode parody the film Caddyshack, which featured Dangerfield. These include Larry trying to fit in with Burns' associates and the party at the end, accompanied by Journey's "Any Way You Want It."
  • Homer brushes off an almost completed puzzle of Snoopy on his doghouse from his workstation after he finds out Larry is working there. The piece where Snoopy's nose should be is intentionally missing in order to avoid infringing copyright.
  • The title is a reference to "Burn, baby, Burn!", a lyric from the song "Disco Inferno", by The Trammps.


  • Larry without feet

    At the start of the episode, when they arrive at the cider mill, as they walk out of the car, when Marge goes under the trees, Bart vanishes.
  • No lines under Larry's eyes

  • When he's sitting at Mr. Burns' table, Larry does not have any feet.
  • When Larry and Mr. Burns sit at the fireplace, the lines under Larry's eyes disappear a few times.
  • A yellow piece of Larry's shirt

    At one point, Larry's drink changes color from bright pink to a much softer grayish-pink.
  • When Larry talks about having a wife and kids and he puts his arm up, a small part of his shirt above his hand turns yellow.
  • At the party at the end, there is a man with blue pants that repeatedly turn black.
  • Ms. Hoover (near the blue-gray van) has a pink shirt

    Also, Ms. Hoover wears a pink shirt in faraway shots but her usual white shirt in close-ups.

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