Burns Atomic Mega-bus

The Burns Atomic Mega-bus is an old transit bus that has been refitted with a nuclear-powered engine by Mr. Burns to provide quicker transportation than regular vehicles. When formally announcing the bus system, Burns described them as "cheaper, faster, and completely safe", although the last description was dubious at best due to Hans Moleman stepping out with a radioactive glow and in enough agony from the radiation that he was begging for someone to kill him. Lisa Simpson upon seeing the bus being highly radioactive views it as a health issue for the people who use it (although her wording of it, "threat to the public health", gave Homer the idea to create a taxi service to buy back the bus system). When traveling through any area, the bus can be seen anywhere the player is. It can show up at unexpected moments. It has the complete tendency to constantly crash into cars. When moving the engine makes a loud humming noise.


The Atomic Mega-bus is an old, run-down yellow transit bus that has been fitted with a nuclear-powered engine. Close inspection of the bus shows anger looking headlights with black lines for eyebrows, a "Not in Service" playcard display. In the rear of the bus shows an exposed engine kill switch and a "Monty Burns Transit" logo. The sides of the bus have barred windows, which Burns added, either to prevent people from escaping the bus, or for reasons of public "safety".


A cheat code can be entered at the main menu in options upon entering the code unlocks the transit bus to be used in an area.

It is highly unclear if the bus is driven by a person or driven on its own.

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