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Flaming Moe's
Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk (Burns to Sell the Power Plant)
I Married Marge
Stockbroker: Your stock in the plant just went up for the first time in ten years.
Homer: I own stock?
Stockbroker: All employees got some in exchange for waiving certain constitutional rights.

Stockbroker: The book says to make small talk before getting down to business. Everybody alive?
Homer: Yeah.
Stockbroker: Like any sports?
Homer: Sure.
Stockbroker: Ever go dancing?
Homer: Not anymore.
Stockbroker: We should get together sometime.
Homer: That'd be great.
Stockbroker: There. Now we trust each other.

German owners are attempting rapport with plant employees
Horst: Guten morgen. I am Horst. The new owners have elected me to speak with you because I am the most non-threatening. Perhaps I remind you of the lovable Sergeant Schultz on Hogan's Heroes.
Plant employees mutter amongst themselves in agreement
Horst: First, we need to deal with substance abuse. Are there any alcoholics here?
Man #1: Me.
Man #2: Me too. In fact, I am drunk at this moment.
Horst: Very well. You will be on convalescent leave for six weeks at a detoxification center in Hawaii, and will then return with back pay.
Homer: (talking to himself) D'oh! Lucky drunks!
Radioactive waste drips into a bucket
Horst: We would like to have a talk with your safety inspector.
Homer: Sock it to him, Horst!
Homer lacks the situational awareness to see that he wears a nameplate that says "Homer Simpson, Safety Inspector"
Carl: Hey, Homer, are you not the safety inspector?
Homer: D'oh!

Homer: Wow, chocolate half price!

Homer: My job is my identity! If I'm not a safety whatchamajigger, I'm nothing!

Moe: (Answering a prank call from Bart) Moe's Tavern. Moe speaking.
Bart: Uh, yes. I'm looking for a Mrs. O'Problem, first name Bea.
Moe: Uh, yeah. Just a minute. I'll check. Uh, Bea O'Problem? Bea O'Problem! Come on, guys. Do I have a B.O. Problem here?
Barney: You sure do! (laughter)

Horst: We understand, Homer. After all, we are from the land of chocolate.

Moe: Hey, would you sing that old song you used to sing for me??
Bart: Moe, for you anything.

Horst: You've been safety inspector for two years. What initiatives have you spearheaded?
Homer: Uh, all of them?
Horst: I see. Then you must have some good ideas for the future as well.
Homer: I sure do!
Horst: Such as?
Homer: Well, uh, I wish the candy machine wasn't so picky about taking beat-up dollar bills, because a lot of workers really like candy.

Carl: Those Germans aren't so bad.
Lenny: Sure, they've made mistakes in the past, but that's why pencils have erasers.

Horst: Could we have a word?
Homer: No.
Horst: I must have phrased that badly. My English is inelegant. I meant to say, may we have a brief, friendly chat?
Homer: No.
Horst: Failed again. We request the pleasure of your company for a free exchange of ideas.
Homer: Nooo!

Horst: Mr. Simpson?
Homer: Huh? Oh, sorry. We were talking about chocolate?
Horst: That was ten minutes ago!

Homer: Do you know anything about Germany?
Lisa: Well, it's a country in Europe.
Homer: Good. I'm learning.
Lisa: An economic power of the world.
Homer: Because we send them money?
Lisa: No. They're efficient and punctual, with a strong work ethic.
Homer: D'oh!

Bart: Hey Mr. Burns, did you get that letter I sent you?
Montgomery Burns: Letter? I don't recall any letter?
Bart: That's because I forgot to stamp it!
Bart stomps on Mr. Burns's foot.

Last lines of episode. Mr. Burns has reclaimed ownership of the SNPP, but still has yet to clean up toys from his office, which the Germans had converted into a nursery. He brandishes a letter opener.
Montgomery Burns: Rehire that chap who sassed me in the bar.
Waylon Smithers: Homer Simpson, but why?
Montgomery Burns: Simpson, eh? As for him, many years will pass, where he will remain unaware the Sword of Damocles is dangling just above his head and when he least expects it...
Mr. Burns uses letter opener to stab a toy pig, which squeals.
Simpson residence. Homer is on the phone while entire family listens in
Homer: WOO HOO! I got my job back!

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