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The Buzz Cola Energy Drink is a popular cola drink in Springfield.


There are several different varieties available around Springfield, including Crystal Buzz Cola, Diet Buzz Cola, Cherry Buzz Cola, Buzz Cola Vanilla, Caffeine-Free Buzz Cola, Buzz Cola with Lemon and Buzz 2XUB, which carries the slogan "twice the sugar, twice the caffeine".

Bart is often seen drinking it whilst Homer drinks Duff beer. Buzz Cola with Lemon was introduced by Mayor Quimby at the opening of the Snowball II Municipal Cat Park with the slogan "damn, that's a lemony cola!"[1]


Notable Buzz Cola advertisements include the following:

  • A television ad depicting lot of sad old people, who instantly become cool when they drink Buzz Cola.[2]
  • An ad before the movie "The Poke of Zorro" showing an Allied Forces soldier storming the Normandy beaches and charging at a German, who falls to the ground dead. The Allied soldier then reaches for a can of Buzz Cola in his belt pocket with the slogan "Buzz Cola: The taste you'll kill for!" with the dead German adding "available in ze lobby."[3]
  • There was also an advertisement based on "Planet of the Apes", in which two people can be seen riding a horse and approach a giant can of Buzz cola lemon and one of them says" They've done it! They combined Buzz cola with the smooth, rich taste of lemon!".[4]

    An old Buzz Cola advertisement advertising its Cocaine ingredients.

Non-canon appearances

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Video games

Buzz Cola plays a major role in the video game The Simpsons: Hit and Run. In the game, Krusty the Clown promotes a "new improved Buzz Cola", which in reality is a drink made by Kang and Kodos that makes people crazy. Their plan is to drive the townspeople insane and destroy their own town, all which would be shown on a reality show called "Foolish Earthlings". The aliens planned to put up stands in the Squidport giving out free ray guns, so that the cola-infected townspeople would shoot each other and cause major carnage. The Simpsons and Apu expose their plan, and Bart destroys all the ray gun stands. However, the aliens instead spread the cola through the water supply, which instead of turning the people of Springfield crazy, awakens the dead. Kang and Kodos are later defeated when Homer uses radioactive waste to destroy their spaceship.

In Lego Dimensions, Homer's signature Duff Beer is replaced with Buzz Cola to suit a more family friendly image for the game.

Behind the Laughter

Buzz Cola is based on real-life brand Coca-Cola. According to the Simpsons Movie website, a 24 pack costs $12.99. Buzz Cola was sold in some re-designed 7-Eleven stores, which became Kwik-E-Marts, to promote The Simpsons Movie.


  • It is a licensed product of 20th Century Fox.
  • Bart is often seen drinking it whilst Homer drinks Duff beer.
  • Buzz Cola's number is 1-888-555-0109.


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Note: Buzz Cola is advertised in almost every appearance of the Kwik-E-Mart from Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment onward. For those minor references to Buzz Cola, see the "Appearances" section on the Kwik-E-Mart page.


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