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Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington
C.E. D'oh
'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky

"Dad, have you looked at the earnings report?"
Lisa Simpson
"Sweetie, these things are going to take time. I just found the door-shutting thing."
Homer Simpson

C.E. D'oh is the fifteenth episode of Season 14.


Homer enrolls in a "How to Succeed in Being You" course and takes a new attitude to work, where he makes suggestions to improve safety at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. When Mr. Burns laughs at Homer's proposals, he and Lisa devise a plan to take the plant.

Full Story[]

On Valentine's Day, Bart and Lisa are watching The Itchy & Scratchy Show. As the episode ends, Homer bribes the kids with snacks to stay downstairs so he can have sex with Marge, but she is too tired for it, which disappoints Homer, who dejectedly leaves the house. He sees a billboard for a school offering courses. He goes to the school and takes a course on stripping for Marge, which Dr. Hibbert teaches, but he is thrown out for hogging the stripping oil and ends up in the Successmanship 101 class. The class teaches Homer how to succeed in the workplace.


It gives Homer inspiration, and he begins to investigate problems at the power plant, so he develops solutions to the problems, which are rejected by Mr. Burns (who doesn't even read them) and then is sent down the trap door into a pool filled with Electric Eels. This outrages Homer, and complains to his family as well as to his fellow barflies at Moe's Tavern. Lenny suggests that he subscribe Burns to magazines he doesn't even like, while Moe suggests some "Face time with sweet lady brick" for Burns. Homer chooses on something more "cerebral", which is placing a burning bag of feces at his office door (although this fails when he realizes that he took and was using the bag he was using to store Lisa's college fund by mistake).

He overhears Burns admit, after it became apparent that some nuclear waste he dumped into Lego Land was causing some of the attractions to come to life and terrorize/impale several of the tourists, that the plant’s legal owner is a canary named Canary M. Burns, which would protect Burns from all legal responsibility. When Smithers questions the legality of using something like a canary, Burns assures his assistant that it's fine to do so and claims that tycoons like himself have been doing it years--according to Mr. Burns, the practice dates back to at least when Rockefeller was still alive (Burns claims that Standard Oil was apparently once owned by a half-eaten breakfast).


Homer's skeptical of stooping as low as to remove his canary to foil Burns' plan, Bart suggests to Homer to do it (due to overhearing Marge and Homer's conversation from the walls being super thin). Homer and Bart, devise a plan to overthrow Burns by releasing the bird from its cage and sending it to the Canary Islands. Once they release the bird, Homer informs Burns, that inspectors are visiting. Out of panic, Mr. Burns, names Homer the new owner of the plant. Homer reveals that it was a trick, which offends Burns. As Homer’s first act as the new Boss he fires Burns, and then throws him off the balcony onto the crowd, who proceeds to catch and flow him into the nearest Taxi. Burns then proceeds to travels to Marrakesh, Morocco where everything is made of drugs, with Smithers to buy opium.


However, Homer discovers there are problems with running the plant, namely not having nearly as much free time (such as having to work while technically on vacation and not being able to spend time with his family). One night, Burns visits Homer without Smithers (as the latter, as Burns explains, was unable to return with Burns to America due to being sentenced to 80 years in a Turkish prison for a drug bust, albeit oddly overjoyed at being taken there) and takes him to the cemetery, showing him the people who he was too busy working to have good relationships with. He makes Homer understand how much he has missed his family. Homer then chooses to quit. Burns drugs Homer and attempts to encase him inside the Burns Family Mausoleum. Unfortunately for Burns, he is too weak to carry each brick from the cart to the intended wall. By the time he manages to finish a couple of layers, it is daytime. Homer wakes up and steps easily over the few layers of bricks that Mr. Burns had painstakingly managed to cement in place. He tells Burns that the power plant is his again and walks away. As the closing credits roll, Homer and Bart play baseball, but the pair engage in a tussle with each other, and after that, Homer strangles Bart and then Bart bites Homer.


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