CC's Chips is an Australian chip brand. The Simpsons have appeared in a six commercials for them. Each commercial would involve Homer wanting Bart's CC's, so Bart would make him do an outlandish stunt in order to get them, but Homer would never succeed due to Bart. Each commercial ended with Dan Castellaneta saying "CC's - you can't say..." and then Homer would say D'oh.

List of commercials

Image Dare Number Description
Homer is running through the Power Plant naked, but he trips on a power cord and causes a town-wide blackout. This is the only time, in which Homer actually succeeds in getting Bart's chips for himself in the end, but is now left with the glow from the contamination, much to his dismay.
Homer is skydiving from a plane and must land it, but lands in a trampoline factory and bounces back up to the plane. Homer grabs Bart's chips, but Bart takes them back and opens Homer's parachute, sending him flying backwards.
Homer is escaping from a water tank while straight-jacketed and chained.
Homer is jumping off a cliff into the ocean. As soon as he emerges from the water, he sees his swimming trunks has come off, much to his embarrassment.
As part of the dare, Bart is performing a magic trick by cutting Homer in three. As a reward for helping, Homer finally gets one chip to eat, but finds out that he can't swallow it while being separated.
Homer is walking across the burning coals, but Bart has not lit them yet.

Other Commercials

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