COPS: In Springfield is a show about the police in Springfield.  


A guy jumps off a building after believing Chief Wiggum will shoot him, when he really was just motioning him to get back to stable surface, and afterwards believes he's crazy. A scene shows a cop chasing a criminal across several buildings, but this was in a TV Show the cops in Springfield were watching. Eddie and Lou go through Jasper Beardly's beard and find a knife, a gun, a metal knuckle weapon and a grenade. Then the cops shoot a mummy. When Chief Wiggum's gun runs out of bullets, he throws it at the mummy. The police watch TV again and watch a scene from Field of Screams (Itchy & Scratchy & Marge). The final scene is them using the police helicopter to watch a Space Mutant movie at the drive in.   


The cops bring down Reverend Lovejoy's door believing he's a cattle rustler when the real Cattle Rustler (Snake) is next door and drives off.


  • The show is a parody of the TV show COPS, which first aired on FOX on March 11, 1989. In 2013, Spike (now Paramount Network) picked up COPS. "Bad Cops" is a parody of Inner Circle's "Bad Boys", which is played at the start of every episode. An instrumental version was played at the end of each episode.
  • Similar to the "The adventures of Ned Flanders" segment in The Front, the segment was largely created as filler for Homer's Triple Bypass's air time, as the episode itself was too short to use as is.
  • There was an additional scene shortly after Homer's heart attack inside Mr. Burns' office where Chief Wiggum had to go to the emergency room due to his jaw locking while trying to eat a sandwich, with Eddie and Lou vouching for him and explaining what happened. Lou then notes that he can fit his whole fist in Wiggum's mouth, much to the latter's chagrin when he demonstrates it as the theme song for the show plays. However, this scene was frequently cut during syndication due to time constraints.


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