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California is a state in the USA. Its capital city is Sacramento.


Mel Gibson invites the Simpsons family to Hollywood, California, to change Gibson's film, a remake of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.[1]

After running out of Florida, the Simpson family was trying to decide on where to go for their next vacation. They were looking at a map of the USA that had most of states crossed out, which were apparently all the states that the Simpsons were no longer allowed to enter.[2]

The Simpson family went to Northern California to take a tour and Bart and Lisa went to the Cosmic Wars Ranch to complain to Randall Curtis.[3]

Gina Vendetti pushed Snow White off the parapet in Disneyland, Anaheim, California.[4]

Milhouse's uncle Norbert Van Houten is from Solvang, California.[5]


  • In California, it's illegal to duck hunt while flying in a plane.