Camp Flab-Away is a fat camp for overweight boys. It is located near Camp Land-A-Man and Camp See-A-Tree.


Typical of weight reduction camps, Camp Flab-Away's goal is for its attendees to lose weight via a program of diet, exercise and discipline. While some fat camps have elaborate security measures, Camp Flab-Away appears to have no security arrangements beyond a fence and a gate. Camp Counselor Bill boasted that for its attendees, the camp was virtually escape-proof, as the only way out (the gate) was located "up a gentle slope.", which proved to be a nightmare for its attendees.



Joe Quimby, Clancy Wiggum and Comic Book Guy at Camp Flab-Away.

Attendees at Camp Flab-Away included Mayor Quimby, Chief Wiggum and Comic Book Guy. During a break from exercising, the trio ate handfuls of grass to satisfy their hunger, but Counselor Bill told them that eating the grass wasn't allowed. Wiggum observed that Bill had said nothing about the poison oak, and eagerly ate several leaves of it, enjoying the "sweet poison" until he had an allergic reaction and collapsed. Homer Simpson also attended Camp Flab-Away, albeit by accident. He was actually attending Camp See-A-Tree and had had a date with Marge (who was attending Camp Land-A-Man), during which they shared their first kiss and planned to meet again the next night. Heading back to camp from the date, Homer was so distracted that he walked off a cliff and fell into the lake. The next morning, he washed up on the shore next to Camp Flab-Away, where Bill "recruited" him. Homer protested that he didn't belong at a fat camp, but Bill contradicted him: "Your boy bosoms tell a different tale!" Homer ended up on the same diet and exercise regimen as the

Homer at Camp Flab-Away.

other attendees, doing pushups with Quimby, Wiggum and Comic Book Guy and later being put into a vibrating belt exercise machine. Homer again protested that he had to go because he had a date, but Bill didn't believe him, sarcastically retorting, "Yeah, you've got a date -- with a skinless chicken breast."

In spite of Counselor Bill's boast about the fat camp being escape-proof, Homer was able to escape the next day. Comic Book Guy collapsed during a sit-up session, and while Bill was distracted attending to him, Homer saw a scale repair company's truck about to leave the camp and made a dash up the hill after it. Homer ran out of breath twice, but first motivated by the thought that "Love conquers all!" and then scared by a rattlesnake, he caught up to the truck, leaped into the back, and rode away to freedom.

Behind the laughter

Camp Flab-Away is a parody of weight loss camps.

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