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The Can Owner is an elderly farmer who collects antique cans, which he keeps balanced on a fence in his field.


While Ruth Powers and Marge were having their girls' night out, they stopped in a farmer's field. Ruth showed Marge how to fire a handgun, using cans on a nearby fence as targets and hitting some of them. Then she handed the gun to Marge, who aimed and fired at the cans. To her own surprise, she hit one. Marge was pleased with her marksmanship, but the Can Owner, who had heard the gunshots, ran out to the fence wearing red pyjamas and wielding a pitchfork, mournfully shouting, "My cans! My precious antique cans! Look what you've done to 'em!"

Marge was later charged with "Wanton Destruction of Precious Antique Cans" and was ordered to pay fifty cents to replace the cans, plus $2,000 for punitive damages and mental anguish.

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