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This article is about the location. For the song, see Capital City (Song).

Capital City, also spelled Capitol City, is the apparent center of the regional political universe in the show. It is nicknamed "The Windy Apple" which is a combination of Chicago and New York City's nicknames, The Windy City and The Big Apple. It is a major metropolitan urban center, and host of sporting events, conventions, and United Nations conferences. It is also the birthplace of capital punishment (i.e the death penalty). Capital City has a population of 6,339,760. It is a parody of large American cities, such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco. Capital City had a Monopoly game created on it. Capital City is the hometown of Principal Skinner. Marge was born in Capital City.[1]


The city has a famous cross-town suspension bridge that most people entering and leaving Capital City cross over. The Capitol Building, where all state matters are discussed and where governors Mary Bailey and the Unnamed Governor work, is located in Capital City. Other notable landmarks in Capital City include an Army Reserve monument, 4th Street and D (a popular tourist destination), the Capital City Duff Brewery where Duff Beer is made and the Duff's CEO works, and the massive Capital City Stadium.

Capital City has at least three hotels: The Capital City Palace Hotel,[2] Second Best Western,[3] Come Back Motel,[4] and Capital City Plaza Hotel.

It is constantly depicted within driving distance of Springfield, close enough to warrant day trips there. Yet in "Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore", Bart has to go by plane to Capital City Airport, suggesting that the Simpsons' state is quite large.

There are two city tours called Capital City Dream Tour and Capital City Crime Tour.

Capital City has ''Broadway-caliber'' shows like Stinky Boots; You're a Good Witch, Broomhilda; Cheney, Get Your Gun; Riddler on the Roof and Jesus Christ Supercar. There are also musicals, for example: Paul Blart Mall Cop: The Musical (Starring American Idol's Ace Young), G.I.Jane: The Musical (Starring American Idol's Diana DeGarmo), Men In Black: The Musical (Starring American Idol's Sanjaya) and Bad News Bears: The Musical (Perfect Shows for Lisas!).

List of Places in Capital City