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The Capital City Goofball is the mascot of Capital City.

Model for Character

His appearance seems to have been inspired by the mascot of the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team, the Philly Phanatic.


The costume is a creature with a baseball body, with a blue Capital City T-Shirt, yellow arms and legs, a long flat-ended nose, tufts of fur at the side, a red hat with two springs, two costume eyes that look in either direction, and two more eyes that peek out from the mouth (the eyes of the person wearing the costume).


Capital City Goofball first appeared in "Do the Bartman". In "Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade", The Capital City Goofball represents Capital City in the state Legislature; he spent 80 million dollars out of his own pocket to win the seat. During a Legislative meeting, he brings that the state should change their flag, saying the Confederate Symbol on it was an embarrassment, especially because they were a Northern state. "Homer to the Max" implies that the Capital City Goofball was originally conceived as a major recurring character, but has only appeared in occasional background scenes since his debut, and has never had any further speaking lines. He appeared briefly in "Homerazzi". A statue of him (as a parody of the Christ the Redeemer statue) can be seen in "Whiskey Business".

He was also released in The Simpsons: Tapped Out.


  • With the death of Tom Poston in 2007, it is likely that this character will be retired, if the precedent regarding Troy McClure and Lunchlady Doris after the deaths of Phil Hartman and Doris Grau is followed. It is possible concerning the fate of Edna Krabappel that he and the other characters with dead voice actors have perished offscreen. In the episode "Whiskey Business" is in Capital City on a hill a statue of Capital City Goofball to in memory of him.
  • In Holidays of Future Passed, his outline was seen on the floor in Moe's Tavern, and there is also an outlined gun, most likely meaning he committed suicide.
  • He is 42 years old and also weighs 197 pounds (89 kg), 242 pounds (110 kg) with his costume on.