Frinkin' Awesome!
Carpool Party
¡Bart Speaks Spanish!


It's a hot summer day and Homer and Bart are home and watching a McBain movie and they both realize they want to be like him. Marge asks Bart why they are not at the city pool. Bart tell her that it is closed the rest of the summer and when Marge asks why Bart explains that food trucks was there and the food the visitor ate made so they begin to vomit in the pool which got cause it got closed. Homer complain then on the food truck and Bart get an idea. Homer rent a dump track which they fill with water and they let the kids swim there for five dollars. Homer driving around with the truck with the kids in when for they like the breeze feels. Homer sweats in the cab and the air condition does not work and the window will not open so he stops at the Kwik-E-Mart and jumps into the pool. Meanwhile rubber Snake the Kwik-E-Mart and when he leaves the store he stealing the truck with Homer and Bart left in the tank. The police sees them but give the job to fire department for they're are going to their annual picnic. Bart and Homer realizes that they must do as McBain makes and they climb up to the cab and Bart takes over the wheel from Snake. They drives to a skate park and the truck flies off a ramp and lands in a lake next to the park where the police had their picnic. The police takes care of them, and Homer and Bart are happy and going home.

Bart Simpson Comics Stories 301-350
Bart Simpson Comics
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