see also Cassandra Patterson from Bobby, It's Cold Outside

Cassandra is one of three teenage Wiccans who practice witchcraft in the forest.


Lisa stumbles upon the three Wiccans while she was lost in the woods while playing hide n' seek with some of Cletus's children. Lisa accepts to join these teenagers but they are arrested as Lisa is doing the ceremony. As the case was still going on, half of Springfield went blind and accused these girls of cursing them. The judge drops the case as there is no real evidence - but the people of Springfield still want these girls bought to justice. They are taken to be dunked in Lake Springfield to see if they are witches. Just before they are to be dunked, Lisa explains the real reason why everyone was blind: hillbillies (after discovering Homer's moonshine tasting talent) hold a moonshine fair with their own homemade moonshine for Homer to judge. Whilst the police were coming to arrest the Wiccans, the hillbillies think they are coming to arrest them; they dump it all in the river causing everyone to drink it blind. The three teenagers are saved from being dunked by Lisa. Marge think they are nice girls but forbids Lisa to go near them ever again.


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