My Big Fat Geek Wedding
Catch 'Em if You Can
Simple Simpson
Bart: Welcome to lecture number 8 on the water balloon. Yesterday, I asked everyone to think of other liquids you could fill a balloon with.
Milhouse: Water?
(Nelson punches him in the gut)
Bart: Thank you, Nelson. Anyone else?
Kearney: Hot sauce?
Bart: Kearney, that could blind someone. You get an "A".

Marge: (about Bart) That boy failed show and tell, but he's on our ass like Sherlock Holmes!

Squeaky-Voiced Teen: [searching on his computer] Oh, I'm sorry, sir. The computer says the movie Chocolate Star Wars doesn't exist.
Homer: I say you don't exist!
Squeaky-Voiced Teen: [seaches his computer again] No, I'm right here under "staff".

Stewardess: [to Homer] Sir, what would you like for dinner? One Steak or two steaks?
Homer: Can I have both?
Stewardess: Of course, sir.

Marge: Your father and I are trying to lose ourselves in this romantic fantasy.
Homer: Yeah! We're trying to create a mood here, so shut the hell up!

U.S. Customs Officer: Beat it, you puck-slapping maple suckers.
Canada Customs Officer: Take a hike, you Shatner-stealing Mexico touchers.

Homer: As the Bible says, screw that.

Homer: [to Bart & Lisa] Fine, stay here and rot with Grampa.
Grampa: I'm only rotting on the right side!
Homer: I'll right side you!

Homer: (to Marge) We're alone now.
Bart: You're never alone in this crap shack.
Homer: Why you little! (smashes the wall with his arms and chokes Bart)

Lisa: I'm going into the Gold Medallion club with Silver Level membership! (laughs)
Man: The hell you are! (loads shotgun)

Lisa: At least I was planned!
Marge: Stop it! No one was planned!

Bart: So, Mom and Dad are going to Atlantic City, but their luggage isn't. (laughs) And Homer's getting a no-fat meal.
(cut to the plane)
Homer: NOOOO!!!

Bart: Great! [To Lisa] What do you wanna play?
Lisa: How about... "the floor is made of lava"!
[Bart and Lisa jump around the room without touching the floor]
Homer: All I wanted was a second honeymoon. And now the floor is made of lava.

Homer: Marge, I guess we'll just have to make love in Heaven. I bet it always works up there!
Marge: Shut up and kiss me, you doomed hunk!

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