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My Big Fat Geek Wedding
Catch 'Em if You Can
Simple Simpson

Cultural references[]

  • The episode title parodies the 2002 biographical crime film Catch Me if You Can, along with the musical montage and the scene, where Bart and Lisa run after Homer and Marge.
  • The video store has a poster for Futurama on the wall and a Family Guy video on the shelf (although Family Guy and Futurama wouldn't see a home video release [in the form of DVDs] until the mid-to-late 2000s. The DVD sales and constant reruns on cable TV are what revived both shows: Family Guy aired in reruns on Adult Swim [and later, TBS], had its FOX episodes released on DVD, then was brought back to air on FOX, while Futurama had the FOX episodes and four made-for-DVD films released before getting revived for cable TV [Comedy Central], and, as of 2023, Hulu).
  • On the airplane, Marge describes First Class as "feeling like Princess Grace and Princess Di smashed together." Whether intentional or not, this is a dark joke when you realize that both Grace Kelly (Princess Grace) and Diana Spencer (Princess Diana/Princess Di) were killed in car accidents.
  • Viza is a parody of the real life credit card company Visa only with a "z" instead of an "s" likely to avoid copyright infringement.
  • Kabbalah is one of the most complicated schools of thought in Judaism, associated with magic and mysticism.

Previous Episode References[]

  • "Deep Space Homer" and "Homer's Enemy": reference to Homer going to space.
  • "Lady Bouvier's Lover" and "The Canine Mutiny": A Simpson male makes purchases on a stolen or fraudulent credit card (Bart stealing Homer's Visa card to buy the Itchy & Scratchy animation cel that turns out to be a knock-off/Bart uses Santa's Little Helper's name to get his own credit card/Homer and Bart use Ned's and Rod's credit cards).
    • "Lady Bouvier's Lover": "Visa" is either spelled or mispronounced as "Viza".
  • "I Love Lisa": Ralph trying to injure himself with scissors (cf. Ralph telling Miss Hoover that his parents won't let him use scissors, even though the scissors the class uses are safety scissors that, according to Miss Hoover, "...couldn't cut butter.")
  • "Lisa the Simpson": Homer's relatives that he invited to show Lisa that he has smart people in his family return in this episode.
  • "Natural Born Kissers": Marge and Homer have sex in strange places.


  • When Homer and Marge finally 'ditch' Bart and Lisa, the plate cover is small at first, but when Bart and Lisa emerge from beneath the plate cover it has obviously gotten bigger.
  • When Bart, Lisa and Abe go to Miami, Maggie isn't with them. Patty and Selma could have gone over to the house and babysit Maggie. A hidden deleted scene on the season 15 DVD menu actually shows Bart and Lisa dropping Maggie off to them.
  • When Homer and Marge are packing and Homer goes to strangle Bart through the wall, he punches through the wall next to their bed which has been shown to be an outside wall. The kids rooms are through the opposite side wall.
  • Bart and Lisa could not have taken flights unaccompanied, as a parent has to be present to see them go on the plane.
  • Homer tells Marge that if they don't take the chance to have a romantic vacation now, they won't get a chance to be alone until "Lisa's in college and we've lost contact with Bart.", forgetting that Maggie will still be there. Homer forgetting that Maggie exists -- despite that he keeps pictures of her at work to cover up the "Don't Forget: You're Here Forever" sign -- is a common running joke on the show.
  • When Lisa corrected Bart about Wica, the pearls on her necklace are orange, instead of white.
  • Bart is looking to who to shoot the water balloon to and Kearny is shown to be on the right side of the bus in front of him, meaning when it shows Bart from the third person view and it views the back bus door, Kearny would still be on the right side of the bus. So when the camera zooms out from the mirror reflection to Otto, the reflection shows Kearny still on the right side of the bus when it should show him on the left side. Due to this mistake, in the non-reflection view, Kearny would be on the left side.
  • During the "Catch Me If You Can" parody of Marge and Homer running away from Bart and Lisa, when it shows the red lines connecting to different state dots on the USA map, there are tiny black dots that show up on the right line and a few that show up on the middle right line before latter ones disappear.

Production Notes[]

  • The final draft for this episode was published on August 11, 2003.[1]

August 11, 2003

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