A chronological list of girls that Bart has shown romantic interest in.


  1. S3E10/S7E25: Becky ("Flaming Moe's, "Summer of 4 Ft. 2")
  2. S04E08: Laura Powers ("New Kid on the Block")
  3. S06E07: Jessica Lovejoy ("Bart's Girlfriend")
  4. S06E07: Sarah ("Bart's Girlfriend")
  5. S12E15/S27E09/S28E04: Sherri and Terri ("Hungry, Hungry Homer", "Barthood" and Treehouse of Horror XXVII non-canon)
  6. S13E11: Greta Wolfcastle ("The Bart Wants What It Wants")
  7. S14E18: Clara Stetson ("Dude, Where's My Ranch?")
  8. S15E16: Gina Vendetti ("The Wandering Juvie")
  9. S15E20: Sherri and Terri's cousin ("The Way We Weren't")
  10. S16E15/S23E09: Jenda (non-canonical "Future-Drama", "Holidays of Future Passed")
  11. S17E21: Summer Romance ("The Monkey Suit")
  12. S18E12: Darcy ("Little Big Girl")
  13. S19E17, S24E01, S24E12: Mary Spuckler ("Apocalypse Cow", "Moonshine River", "Love is a Many Splintered Thing")
  14. S20E17: Jenny ("The Good, the Sad and the Drugly")
  15. S21E15: Nikki McKenna ("Stealing First Base")
  16. S22E11: Melody Juniper ("Flaming Moe")
  17. S23E03: Kamala (non-canonical "Treehouse of Horror XXII")
  18. S23E18: Shauna ("Beware My Cheating Bart")
  19. S24E20: Zhenya ("The Fabulous Faker Boy")
  20. S26E20: Annika Van Houten ("Let's Go Fly a Coot")
  21. S27E11: Caroline Berrera ("Teenage Mutant Milk-caused Hurdles")

Moonshine River

In the premiere of season 24, in an unknown order, Bart revisits five of these ex-girlfriends:

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