The Cavalry Kids is an organizations for boys.


After Bart and Milhouse were captured by police inside of Ned's house, Bart is forbidden to play with Milhouse. Milhouse was made to join the Cavalry Kids, led by his father.

Meanwhile Bart joined Pre-Teen Braves. When they were going to clean a field up, they discovered that the Cavalry Kids had already done the job.

The two groups went to the war and tried to outdo each other in doing good. When they both wanted to become batboys at a Springfield Isotopes game, they had to redouble their efforts for their candy sales. The Pre-Teen Braves filled the Cavalry Kids' candy bars with laxatives and believed they are going to win.

Unfortunately for them, the senior citizens liked those bars and therefore, the Cavalry Kids won. At the Springfield Isotopes game, the Cavalry Kids were delayed from arriving when Bart and Homer placed a sign that said "free VIP parking" and the Pre-Teen Braves took their place singing their version of the national anthem. The crowd became angry by the version and when the real Cavalry Kids arrived, a fight broke out between everyone at the stadium. At this time, Carl revealed that he was a Cavalry Kid. Marge began to cry, when the image of her was shown on the Jumbotron, the fighting ended. The Sea Captain suggested not to sing a "hymn to war, like our National Anthem, but a sweet, soothing hymn like Canada's National Anthem". Everyone joined their hands to form a maple leaf and sang O Canada.






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