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"The Changing of the Guardian" is the eleventh episode of Season 24.


A tornado leaves Homer and Marge thinking that, in case something befalls them, they need to pick out new guardians for the kids. At first considering Homer's half-brother Herb, they discover Bart and Lisa have been enamored of a cool couple named Mav and Portia, although Marge questions the actual motivations of the potential guardians.

Full Story

Santa's Little Helper gets blown away in a tornado, so Homer and Marge team up with Lenny and Carl to search for him. Once they find Santa's Little Helper, they get stuck in a revolving door and need to be cut out by a glasscutter. Homer and Marge realize that when they die, the kids will be put into the care of the state, so they agree to secure guardians for Bart, Lisa and Maggie. First they consider Homer's brother, Herb, but Herb makes a comment that he is 'poor again' so Homer hangs up. Then they try Patty and Selma, but seeing how they have Ling trained to do tricks at their command, they walk out without asking them.

They choose to look in Springfield, but news spreads that they are looking for a guardian, so everyone avoids them. Homer and Marge agree to take a drive, and see a couple, but then Marge steps on the gas because they are mid-Atlantic. Bart then sees a surfer named Mav, and he has a wife named Portia, who is an environmental lawyer. Once the papers are signed, the new guardians take the kids to a chalet.

Homer and Marge enjoy their time alone, until they see a card saying 'merry Christmas from all the Family' with Mav, Portia, and the kids on it in a shop window. Homer and Marge come to the conclusion that Mav and Portia were trying to steal the kids, so they drive to the chalet.

Mav and Portia confess to trying to steal the kids because it looked like Homer and Marge didn't want them. Bart and Lisa want to be with their biological parents, and go home with Homer and Marge.

Behind the Laughter

Guest stars

This is the first episode with guest star Rashida Jones, and it marks the return of Danny DeVito after about twenty years.


The episode was watched by 5.3 million viewers, earning it a 2.4 rating.


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