A Test Before Trying
Changing of the Guardian
Hardly Kirk-ing
  • The title may refer to Guard Mounting.
  • Funpoly is a parody to Monopoly.
  • Homer wishes to be sent by the tornado to Oz World, and not to let Flanders to play the scarecrow.
  • Ling Bouvier has aged. Approximately a year or two since her debut episode.
  • We can hear Herbert Powell, Homer's half-brother, on the phone where it is revealed that he went poor again.
  • When Carl, Lenny, Marge and Homer go shading the tornado, this is a reference to the movie Twister.
  • We can hear the song Just the Two of Us, performed by Bill Withers.
  • We can see Spider-pig flying.
  • This episode was censored in Oklahoma due to the Moore tornado.
  • A mirrored version of the scene where Homer melts and injects doughnuts in himself is used in the movie Fed Up.
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