People only want to adopt babies.

Charlie is a boy who was briefly adopted by Bart Simpson.


Bart decides he wants a brother after seeing the bond between his sisters, Lisa and Maggie. After failing to get his parents to have sex so his mom could get pregnant, Marge explains that even if she and Homer did end up having another baby, the baby could end up being another girl instead of a boy. After realizing that, he decides to try and adopt a kid from the orphanage. His request was turned down because he wasn't old enough. When Bart leaves the orphanage Charlie sees how badly Bart wants a brother and sneaks out.

The next day, Charlie appears in Bart's bedroom and wakes him up by spraying him with shaving cream. Deciding to take him in, Bart tricks Homer into thinking Charlie is a friend so then his parents won't do anything about Charlie's presence in the house. The two of them have fun by doing various activities, such as taking Charlie to school, poking a dead raccoon, making a snowman (while using a passed out Barney Gumble's clothes), leaving a flaming bag by Seymour Skinner's house, and going to the Kwik-E-Mart. This lasts until Bart takes him to see Sever V, which terrifies Charlie to the point where he shivers under the movie theater seats.

As they walk home at night, Charlie is still frightened and fears that the boogeyman will get him. This makes Bart realize that being a brother requires responsibility. Chief Wiggum then jumps out of the bushes tries to apprehend Charlie, but the two boys escape and hide in a snowbank. Back in the snowbank, Lisa pleads with Bart to do the right thing and let Charlie be legally adopted by another family, despite Charlie's protest. When the children are sealed in by a snowplow (by Barney riding on his Plow King truck), Bart and Charlie urinate on the snow to melt it and open an escape tunnel, much to Lisa's disgust.

The next day when Bart goes to visit him, he finds that Charlie has been adopted by a family with six girls, who treat him like their personal fashion doll much to Charlie's dismay, where he cries out for Bart to save him.

Additional Info

Charlie enjoys dung beetles as well as shinning down drain pipes. He also plans on becoming a one-armed drummer in a prison rock band when he grows up. According to Bart, he hates tomorrow.




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