This article is about the character. For the guest star, see Cheech Marin.

Cheech Marin is a comedy actor from Springfield, along with his partner Chong.


Cheech and Chong young

Richard Marin and Tommy Chong as weather men

When Principal Dondelinger captured a young Barney and Homer smoking in the toilet he called them the school's Cheech and Chong.[1]

Richard Marin was a weather man for Channel 6 News. After police started burning marijuana outside, the fumes came through the open window and turned Cheech and Chong into stoners who then went into comedy.

They made a show in the Springfield Clamphitheater in front of a large crowd. Chong wanted to try out some new material and Cheech and Chong split up here, with Homer taking Chong's position with Cheech and becoming "Cheech and Chunk". Homer was disappointed to learn that Cheech wasn't as fun as he thought, taking in culture such as museums instead of having fun all the time.

Eventually, Cheech and Chong were set up for a reunion where they both decided to join together and leave their new comedy partners.[2]

He was also in The Poke of Zorro.[3]



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