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The Cheery Red Tomatoes is a women's social organization in Springfield. All the members wear red short-sleeved button-down dresses, and once a woman becomes a full member, she gets to wear a pink hat, while junior members don't wear hats at all.

The leader of the Springfield-branch was a red-haired woman named Tammy (but it was later revealed that she's not actually a natural redhead).

Marge once joined the club after being shunned by her friends, after Homer got into a fight with the Easter Bunny for stealing the other children's Easter eggs to please Maggie.

After a successful heist of Fabergé eggs from Mr. Burns, the group broke up and the members each went their separate ways.


  • The Cheery Red Tomatoes are a parody of the Red Hat Society, a women's social organization originally just for women fifty and older, but is now open to women of all ages.
    • For members of the Red Hat Society who're fifty and older, they get to wear the signature red hats and purple outfits while members under fifty have to wear pink hats and lavender outfits (lavender is a pale shade of purple).