Chief Knock-A-Homer was a robot built by Homer to fight in the TV show Robot Rumble. Homer built the robot to impress Bart.

Chief Knock-A-Homer looked like an oversized mailbox, with three wheels on the bottom, a viewport in front, flexible arms (with grasping hooks) at the sides, and an Indian war bonnet on top of its head.

Chief Knock-A-Homer's primary weapon was a hammer, but it was capable of disarming opponents and using their own weapons against them.

Unknown to anyone else, Homer designed Chief Knock-A-Homer for an operator (himself) to be inside it, pedaling a tricycle and putting his own arms into the robot's arms (essentially making them act as sleeves) to do things like swing the hammer.

However, because Homer included a remote control, Bart thought that he was controlling the robot. Homer later confessed to Bart that the remote wasn't doing anything except delivering electrical shocks to Homer's butt, which Homer had set up on purpose to help maintain his competitive edge.

Chief Knock-A-Homer won many fights, but came up short against Killhammad Aieee, a very high-tech robot entered by Professor Frink and his son.

Kilhammad Aieee nearly destroyed Chief Knock-A-Homer, but the fight ended in a draw. Homer was nearly killed in that fight, and was also "outed" as having been inside the robot all along.

As it turned out, Bart was more impressed by Homer's being inside Chief Knock-A-Homer and doing all the fighting for real than he had been when he'd thought that Homer had only built the robot.


  • The name Chief Knock-a-Homer is modeled after Chief Noc-a-homa, which was the original mascot of the Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves MLB team. Noc-a-homa was a variation of "knock a homer" (home run).
  • It also bears a strong resemblance to Bike Robo from Bandai's Machine Robo franchise (better known in the US as Cy-Kill from Tonka's Gobots).


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