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Cultural References

  • Bart's chalkboard gag said "Today is not Mothra's day." This is a reference to Mothra, a monster from an eponymic Japanese movie.
  • Homer's dream references the TV show "The Jetsons"; he gets hit by a spacecar being driven by George Jetson and yells, "Jetson!"
  • When Homer is watching TV, the show "Kids Say the Darnest Things" stars Bill Cosby.
    • Cosby asks a kid, "What do you like to play?" and he responds with, "Pokémon!"
  • When Ralph asks where they are going, Homer's reply is "For frosty chocolate milkshakes!", which was Homer's old saying back in the Tracy Ullman Show short days of The Simpsons.
  • Ned got tickets to a Chris Rock concert, thinking it was for a Christian Rock concert. He later tell Homer he never saw a preacher use the "MF" word so many times.
  • The title is a reference to the 1986 film Children of a Lesser God.
  • Lisa’s gymnastics coach‘s tracksuit has the same colors as Dark Heart’s tracksuit from the 1986 film Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation.


  • There is a poster of Xena the Warrior Princess in Comic Book Guy's room. Also, Comic Book Guy and Maggie didn't attend the Good Guy Award ceremony. However, Comic Book Guy did watch it on the internet.
  • Originally, the third act was going to be about Homer taking his daycare charges on the set of Ron Howard's new movie, and Homer endangering the children to the point that they don't trust him anymore. Ron Howard didn't appear for any recording sessions, so the entire third act was scrapped and was replaced with Homer winning a Good Guy Award, and Bart and Lisa showing video footage of Homer being an unfit father.
  • The scene of Homer's scab healing over Ralph's hand has been described by fans one of the worst moments in the show.
  • Bart's chalkboard gag said "Today is not Mothra's Day". This episode aired the day before Mother's Day.


  • Sara without pants

    When Sara is seen among the kids playing tug-of-war with Homer (who's actually using his car to pull the other end of the rope), at one point, she isn't wearing pants.
  • During Homer's morphine-induced hallucination, the moon says, "You go, Homer!" The closed captioning has the moon's line as "Crateriffic!"
  • Sanjay (leftmost in the third row from the front) with yellow skin

    In the initial airing, after Milhouse says that Homer thinks Bart's jacket looks better on him, there is a brief shot of Bart drawn as if the show was done as an animatic. All reruns (including the season 12 DVD set) has this mistake corrected.
  • When Sanjay can be spotted in the Good Guy Awards' audience, he has yellow skin.

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