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Chip Davis was a man who somehow impacted everyone's lives, yet was never even seen. He had a wife and children. Although he never physically appeared, he was mentioned in "Four Regrettings and a Funeral".



  • He wrote Hans Moleman's biography.
  • He helped Bumblebee Man get over his grief of the death of his parents while they were playing paintball.
  • The sign outside of the Springfield Church during the funeral read "Chip Davis Funeral: Springfield's most beloved character that you never saw."
  • Homer mentioned that Chip was like the sixth Simpson, though he didn't know why.
  • According to Reverend Lovejoy, Chip had many regrets, of which include:
    • Never ascending Mt. Springfield from the south-face.
    • His high school long jump record was wind aided.
    • He never broke par on hole 18 at Springfield mini-golf.