Chloe Talbot is a famous, Peabody Award winning reporter from the Global Television Network.


Chloe went to high school with Marge and the two were best friends. They were both star reporters and had promising futures, however Marge decided to stay with Homer, but Chloe abandoned her sweetheart (Barney Gumble) for success.

She would later return to Springfield, a successful reporter who always told stories about her encounters with celebrities and claims to have had "flings" with Bill Clinton and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Lisa would grow to admire Chloe, which worried Marge because she did not want Lisa dreaming about a future she could not have. Lisa decided to hide in Chloe's car and go to a UN Women's conference with her, but Chloe was rerouted to report on an erupting volcano. Lisa and Chloe both became trapped by lava from the erupting volcano, but Marge arrived and saved Lisa; however she did not save Chloe. Barney appeared with his helicopter and saved Chloe's life. After saying he sobered up, they agreed to a half-hour of pity sex, to which Barney replied, "Is there any other kind?"


Chloe has light brown hair, she wears a blue Armani business suit consisting of a jacket and skirt with a white shirt underneath and blue high heels, she also wears pink lipstick, white pearl earrings, and a magenta scarf.



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