Christopher Collins (born Christopher Lawrence Latta, August 30, 1949 – June 12, 1994), also known as Chris Latta, was an American actor, voice artist, and comedian.


Christopher Collins was the original voice of Mr. Burns in the episodes "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire," "Homer's Odyssey," "There's No Disgrace Like Home," and "The Telltale Head."[1] He also voiced the America's Most Armed and Dangerous Presenter and Moe Szyslak in "Some Enchanted Evening." Collins was soon replaced by Harry Shearer for the voice of Mr. Burns because Sam Simon found Collins "difficult to work with."[2] Christopher Collins died on June 12, 1994 from a cerebral hemorrhage.

Collins was widely regarded for other animated characters he portrayed, including Cobra Commander in G.I. Joe and Starscream in Transformers. In both of these roles, he was credited as Chris Latta.


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